A Brief Thought

I’m out of town visiting family, so posts may be a bit more sporadic this week. However, I do have this to say regarding the following picture:

An acquaintance of mine posted this picture on Facebook the other day, and I immediately felt my stomach drop. As much as I can appreciate how “fitspiration” can keep a person motivated to reach his/her goals, I think photos like this one show just how thin the line between fitspiration and triggers like thinspo and pro-ana* (and other damaging self-worth-denying impulses) can be. The second you start to predicate your own happiness on the enjoyment of your fit body by others is the second you completely devalue yourself as a human being. In essence, you’re opening the door to ED and practically begging him to come in and judge you. Please–whether you’re male or female, fat, thin, athletic–whatever–please stop letting the idea of other people’s acceptance take the place of your own self-worth. Be fit because you want to be fit–not because you think it will make someone love you. You have to love you first. And you are worth that love.

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