Lifelong Patient Syndrome

Just to keep in mind…

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Sometimes no one can make you better. They can only make you smarter. We cannot undo the sand through the hourglass or turn back the hands of time. Years of wear and tear on the body are like miles on a car. No one can turn back the odometer. You can only figure out how to drive the gradually aging car better. In my business I see a fair amount of people with what I call “lifelong patient syndrome”. They spend every day searching for the magic pill, or the magic chiropractor, or the magic exercise, or the magic doctor. They think ‘one more surgery” or “a different approach”. They always seem to be either hurt, rehabbing or doing what hurt them in the first place.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to stay active you have to make choices. I have often used the analogy…

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