A Podcast You Can’t Miss

So, here’s what I’m going to need you all to do today:

Go to iTunes using whichever internet-receiving music-listening device you own. Download the latest Underground Wellness podcast (“Paleo* and Women’s Health” 8/1), featuring guest host Diane Sanfillipo and guest Stefani Ruper. Listen to the podcast from start to finish. Listen to it again. Then stop counting calories and go live your life.

Happy Friday, everyone.


*Even if you don’t subscribe to the Paleo lifestyle or know what it is, this podcast will help you reframe your thinking about body image and mental health in relation to food. I am so impressed with how frankly Diane and Stefani are able to discuss these issues while making them digestible (ha!) for someone who might be listening with a disordered mind. Please do me a favor and listen. It’s only an hour of your life, and I promise it’s one that you will be glad you spent.

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