Off Topic But Totally Relevant:

Just a quickie for your Friday morning:

I’ve been a fan of Underground Wellness for a while now, and I’m so glad that Sean Croxton has been pushing so hard for awareness about Genetically Modified foods. Prop 37‘s day of reckoning fast approaches here in California, and it really is going to make a huge difference in leading the way for GMO regulation throughout the rest of the country.

Sean posted a great opinion piece about GM foods, and I really urge you to check it out. At the end of his post, he added a link to a documentary called Genetic Roulette. I know this is a bit late in the game, but you still have one day left to stream it for free–I watched it in its entirety, and while I was already aware of the insidious nature of GMOs, it was still shocking and eye opening. Seriously, do yourself a favor and watch it before tomorrow.

I’ll be back soon to continue the acne-and-veganism saga…

2 thoughts on “Off Topic But Totally Relevant:

  1. I anticipate your future entries. I came across your site last night as I continued my 15 year research campaign into the mysterious cause of my adult acne. I don’t suffer from continuous, full-face acne but range from consistent spot or two every day to weeks with 1-2 painful cysts. I’ve come to the conclusion that my acne, most definitely the cysts, are a result of, and directly correlated to, events in my life that overwhelm me emotionally (triggering the potent cascade of chemicals in the stress response….temporary hormone imbalance). I conclude this because nearly every time I fly to my hometown in Ohio to visit my family, I end up dealing with a cyst or two for the first week. Over the past 15 years, I, as you have done, have highly refined my lifestyle and diet. I don’t use any products on my body that I cannot eat, I eat mainly a raw, vegetarian diet of organic products (eggs, bison infrequently), exercise regularly, practice meditation and yoga, and properly (?) supplement my diet with things like turmeric, acv, probiotics, efa’s, zinc, etc…. Still, here I am today suffering from unsightly and painful cysts (I am visiting family in Ohio). So I must ask myself, and I meant to pose this question to you…how much of is our unchecked mental activity factoring into the production of these skin conditions? Of all the angles of treatment (topical, diet, physical and mental), I’d have to say that the mental angle is the toughest to evaluate since it is abstract in nature. How can the mind that is responsible for both the apparent dysfunction and for evaluating it’s ability to healthily manage emotions and stress be accurately interpreted? I suppose that I could decide to flat out associate future break outs with psychological anxieties and use acne as a direct qualifier for my progress in that realm. Have you any thoughts on this?

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