Links for a Saturday Morning

So, in the coming weeks, I’m going to be posting about strategies for getting outside of the fitness/nutrition insanity, but until then, read this awesome and sane post by Nia Shanks: Rid Your Life of Fitness and Nutrition Insanity.

Also, Stefani Ruper has another wonderful Food & Love Hack at Paleo for Women: Be Your Own Buddy. (If you’re an isolater, like me, don’t take this as permission to hide though! Spend some time with friends or loved ones this weekend and practice being in the moment and enjoying every second as it comes instead of worrying about when it will be over. I’m going on the record promising to practice that today myself–and you can hold me accountable if I don’t!)

Happy weekend, y’all!

– K.

5 thoughts on “Links for a Saturday Morning

    • It’s so true–I guess it’s more culturally accepted for men to follow a strict fitness regimen (strict to the point of insanity), but it’s more “abnormal” for a woman to become obsessed. Although I do see a lot more women acting out their fitness obsession in a public manner–“strong is the new skinny” posts on pinterest, for example, versus men who just obsess about it in the gym…

  1. its more then just obsessing in the gym, because the obsessing in the gym comes from flawed thinking 24/7 out the gym- maybe guys aren’t so outspoken about it but … its the same thing. i was chatting to someone the other day and he told me he was in for a quick workout, there were guests over at his house but he felt like he need to come workout. ( gym is open on shabbat only in the evenings so he couldnt make it during the day) thats INSANE!!! and i was like.. thats an obsession. he said i know, and you wouldnt believe how many others there are in the gym. i can believe though… it makes me so sad. i used to be like that too. its such an unhealthy place.

    • I definitely agree that the gym has gone from promoting a healthful lifestyle to becoming a haven for sick obsessions…That’s why I’m a little bit worried about taking a job as a personal trainer. I don’t want to help perpetuate the insanity, since I’ve been there, gone through that, and somehow lived to tell about it….How do we change the paradigm???

  2. by setting a personal example. In my gym people see the way I train- short and intense. When i talk to new clients I explain the way i like to work and they may be skeptical at first but you cant ignore walking proof that is being in good shape.. from not over training like a maniac!

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