A Tuesday Morning “Drinking Game”

While this is completely unrelated to nutrition and recovery, I wanted to share this with all of you.* As you all probably know by now, I don’t really drink. However, don’t let that stop you–should you choose to partake–from playing a little drinking game:

The setup: Recently, the amazing duo of Bryan Moriarty and Eric Bricmont asked me to join them on their hilarious and really enlightening podcast Nerds on History to discuss my first love: theatre.

Nerds on History Podcast

I had a really great time recording–and I’m so excited to share the experience with you. So, if you’re feeling in the mood to hear some solid history, gross exaggerations, and discussions of golden phalluses and bear-baiting, then go download Nerds on History Episode 7: It’s a Grabber! (it’s a free podcast, people, no excuses now) and then pour yourself a drink.

The game: So, you know how every time you hear or see a recording of yourself, you get hypercritical of little things that no one else would notice? No? Just me? Well, my hypercriticism led me to create this drinking game. Every time you hear me say “it’s really interesting, but” (or some variation thereof), take a shot. You will be completely wasted before the middle of the podcast. You’re welcome.

Honestly though, I really love the Nerds on History podcast–mainly because I’m a nerd about history, but also because Eric and Bryan make history fun. They discuss everything from Egyptology to Star Trek, and I highly recommend that, if you liked the theatre episode, you subscribe to them on iTunes. Again, it’s free–and it’s guaranteed to be a lot more fun than your high school history class. (With the exception of maybe Drews’ or Stohr’s classes, for those of you who have followed me here from NBPS…) Go check the Nerds out and give them some love!

A message for Daisy Drews from AP US Government

Context: An AP US Gov quiz that surprised pretty much everyone but me. The message on the board was left for Ms. Drews by my friend Craig.


*Technically, this is important in the context of my own recovery. Staying out semi-late, pushing through social anxiety, and talking about the theatre again…yeah, it was an important night.

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