The Civilized Caveman

I only have a couple of links to share with you today, but I think they’re important ones.

I love reposting Stefani Ruper’s words here, because she is so insightful, and offers some useable tips for “hacking” your ED. Today is no different. Here’s a link to her last week’s “Get Indignant.”

I also wanted to share with you an amazing post by a man named George Bryant. For those of you who are not familiar with the “Paleosphere,” George, aka the Civilized Caveman, is a Marine who fell into the Paleo diet and now hosts a blog full of amazing “cooking creations.”

George recently came out about his struggles with Bulimia on Abel James’ Fat Burning Man podcast, and followed it up on Stefani Ruper’s Live. Love. Eat. podcast. He then posted this blog about it. I highly encourage every one of you out there to go and read it. George is a force for good in this world–his earnestness and honesty is astounding, and his willingness to share his story is seriously special.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you on this rainy Friday morning.

– K.


[EDIT:  Just realized that today is Thursday. Apparently my brain was ready for the weekend.]

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