Leave a message at the tone…

Hey blogosphere,

Sorry to disappear for the week. I’m not, unfortunately, taking a much needed vacation; rather, I have been pumping massive amounts of cortisol due to the musical, freelance stuff, starting a new job (& a new, wifi-less, hour-plus-long-both-ways commute), and general lack of sleep. Moreover, during said parenthetical commute the other day, I opened my computer to find out that it no longer wanted me to type on it, so it is currently in custody at the fruit stand. And as much as I love you all and want to type all sorts of exciting blog posts for you, doing so on an iPad sucks. Especially since the posts I was working on are only accessible from my backup hard drive, which is, unfortunately, not compatible with said iPad.

So there are a bunch of excuses for you as to why I’m not writing this week…however I can still respond to any messages you leave me via iPhone (or iPad, in wifi, ’cause I’m cheap and didn’t buy the cellular model)…and I’d love to hear how your weeks are going. What stressors are you battling? And how are you coping?

Sending you all a bunch of love from the train…


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