Good News & Gratitude on my California-versary!

Sorry to interrupt the flow of the new series on “Getting Healthy…Period” (no pun intended…sort of) so early, but I needed to write today’s post…today. So here you go. ALSO: if you read nothing else, scroll down to the part where I tell you my good news. (Hint: it involves an amazing podcast!) 

Fortune Cookie "You will move to a wonderful new home within the year."

The fortune I received on my birthday, November 23, 2011.

Today is January 11, 2013. In the real world, it’s not a particularly special day. Maybe there are a few of you out there celebrating birthdays, but it’s not a government or religiously sanctioned holiday. Maybe some of you are rejoicing in the fact that it’s Friday morning, and there are only a few more hours until your weekend, but I know there is an equally large number of you out there who are working retail or hospitality or food service et. al, and today is just another day in your week. It’s not Friday the 13th or the only day when the date will be 12/12/12…it’s just an ordinary Friday in an ordinary week in the beginning of another ordinary year.

Except, for me, today is special. Because today is my California-versary.

In the car with my dog on the way to the airport

On our way to the airport

One year ago today, my life took a dramatic left turn, and I cannot be more grateful for all of the beauty and the pain and the setbacks and the growth that I lived through in the year that ensued.

When I moved here, I was a vegan with a dream of starting a cookie business, working in a retail job and depressed, anxious, in pain from a mysterious ankle injury, and still renting out space in my head to a 12 year old eating disorder and exercise addiction.

Today, I eat the way my body wants me to eat (which, right now, is low carb/Paleo). I still dream of starting a business, but I have the skills and the plan to make that happen. I am still in pain due to my ankle, but that injury forced me to spend five months discovering that I wanted to be a writer–and forced me to go out and do something about it. Now I’m working in a dream job as a marketing copywriter, doing freelance on the side, and keeping up with this amazing blog.

And this blog…I am so grateful for this blog. What started out as a way for me to explain why I ate my first hamburger in 13 years became the vessel through which I began to chart a course away from ED, a course that still takes me through some very choppy waters, but one that has also allowed me to wash up on the shores of support–from new friends and old, all of whom I am beyond grateful for.

No Negativity Allowed Here sign and the view from my window

The view from my window on my first day in California

Is my life perfect? No. I am so, so glad that it’s not. If my life were “perfect,” I would never have opened my eyes to the fact that there is more to life than the Ivy League, I would never have wanted to learn about business or nutrition, I would never have learned to say no to abusive relationships (including the most abusive of all: my relationship with ED).

And if my life were perfect, I would never have gotten to California.

Is California perfect? Far from it. But it’s pretty damn good for where I need to be now.

And where I am right now? Well, you can find me ON JIMMY MOORE’S LOW CARB CONVERSATIONS PODCAST!* (Yes, that’s right: I’m so excited that I’m yelling.) Please go take a listen! You can find it on iTunes or on I’d love to hear your feedback.

Low carb conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends

You guys…it’s been a hell of a year, but I finally have the faith that I’m going to make it. And I am so, so grateful to each and every one of you who have joined me on this journey.

Stay hungry,


*Can I just say “thankyouthankyouthankyou” to Jimmy Moore? I’ve been listening to about 1-2 hours of podcasts on average since I first discovered ancestral health in May. That’s about 7.5 months of almost-daily podcasts–or almost 260 hours!

I blame all of the incredible, prolific, charismatic, brilliant podcasters out there for making me engage with my ED and start seeking new solutions (Abel James, Diane Sanfilippo/Liz Wolfe, Sean Croxton, Robb Wolf/Greg Everett, Chris Kresser, Roger Dickerman/Colin Champ, Dean Dwyer, and Pat Flynn to name a few…), but I have to “blame” Jimmy Moore the most for convincing me to give a high fat diet a try. Because of him, I stopped counting calories and fearing fat–and fat, it turns out, was the very thing that my poor, nutrition starved brain needed in order to start balancing its chemistry.

And with balance, came the strength to fight back at my ED. With strength came the power to believe in the ability to heal. And with belief in my healing came the desire to share that with others.

And that’s all of you.

So thank Jimmy & friends (like Dietitian Cassie & Todd Dosenberry!) for unknowingly supporting me in my journey, and rest assured that I want to pay it forward and pass that support onto those of you out there who struggle to fight this battle as I did and still do. Know you’re not alone. And I’m here if you need me.

P.S. If you’re new to my blog, first and foremost, I encourage you, as I’ve encouraged all of my readers, to reach out if you need help, if you need a (virtual) hug, or if you ever need to talk. There’s a contact me form on the site, and you can always find me @MissSkinnyGenes on Twitter.

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