Trigger HAPPY Thursday: Take a Step Back

cat meme: take a step back--i got this

Welcome to another Trigger HAPPY Thursday! Today’s post is dedicated to my soul sister & fellow traveler, Ito. I find it hard to believe that it’s already Thursday…so hard to believe that I actually thought it was Wednesday, and almost … Continue reading

Word Games

May 2012 with my sister

As a writer, I’m fascinated by how different words can drastically change the meaning of the same sentence. For example: “I don’t get my period” sounds like a blessing. (Seriously: no cramps or hormonal swings? Check please!) “I stopped getting … Continue reading

Trigger HAPPY Thursday: Celebrate Every Day

Alanis Morissette

So, in a Morissette-ian twist of irony, I filmed my happiness trigger about celebrating every day like it’s a holiday…on a holiday. Go figure. After I realized my slight miscalculation in mundane days, I realized that it was still relevant, … Continue reading

Sex vs. Sexy

Dying to be a bikini competitor. Literally.

So let’s bring this sexuality thing home: If I’m not mistaken (and I’m pretty sure I’m not), part of the reason that fitspo has gained so much traction is the concept that we’re all looking for motivation to help us … Continue reading

The Challenge [GUEST POST]

The Challenge

Guess what, guys? I’m on the front page of! Proud2BMe, part of the National Eating Disorders Association and founded in the Netherlands by the mental health organization Riverduinen, is an incredible resource that promotes positive body image and eating disorder recovery … Continue reading

Trigger HAPPY Thursday: Build a Karass [VIDEO]

I want to tell you guys a little story:

While my battle with ED began 13 years ago, my real journey began in May of 2011.

I’ve written before about my ankle injury/surgery/pain, so I won’t bore you unless you want to go and read about it, but the gist of it is that, last Monday, I was diagnosed with Stage I Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I could sit and cry about it, but I already did that, and I’m not going to anymore. The unexplained chronic pain, swelling, and other bad juju has led me to a better mental place, even though my physical place is sometimes hard to live in.

All of this to say that I’ve learned a lot about acceptance–and about the power of positive energy. I’ve learned that if you put positive energy–and gratitude for the positive parts of your life–out into the universe, the universe sends it back, often in the form of people.

My ankle injury and subsequent leave of absence from my job at the Fruit Stand led me to begin freelance writing. And that freelance writing led me to my amazing new job as a marketing copywriter. I still freelance from time to time, for everywhere from companies next door to my neighborhood Starbucks all the way to NYC.

And I was recently put in touch with a company doing a web copy project that was desperately in need of a copywriter who understands their audience. That would be me. I spoke with the project manager last night to discuss details, and as we were chatting, conversation turned to physical fitness…and chronic pain. It turns out, not only is the man a 30 year survivor of chronic pain, but he has a Masters in it. We ended up speaking for an extra hour, sharing our stories.

The universe knows what it’s doing, folks. Keep Triggering HAPPY.

Stay hungry,


PS After you watch the video, tell me: who is in your karass? How have those people affected your life?

“We Bokononists believe that humanity is organized into teams, teams that do God’s Will without ever discovering what they are doing. Such a team is called a karass by Bokonon . . . . ” – Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle

Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

Becoming ED: The Female Athlete Triad and Amenorrhea

Starving for a fitness model body

There’s a point in your disordered eating when you become your disorder. When, without realizing it, you stop separating your own body from the image of ED in your head. And suddenly: your body starts to comply. You want to … Continue reading