The Challenge [GUEST POST]

Guess what, guys? I’m on the front page of! Proud2BMe, part of the National Eating Disorders Association and founded in the Netherlands by the mental health organization Riverduinen, is an incredible resource that promotes positive body image and eating disorder recovery for teens. I am so honored that they chose to publish my article, and I only hope that it gives readers some of the awareness I wish I had when I was 13…

Go check out my article, “The Challenge“! 

Happy Friday to you all,

Stay hungry,


PS What “challenges” have you undertaken to try to change your body? What are your methods for coping with or escaping the challenge mindset? 

2 thoughts on “The Challenge [GUEST POST]

    • Thank you! It’s one of the hardest concepts for me to come to terms with…I am always so tempted by the next challenge that I have to do a “hard stop” and remind myself that I’m already here–where I need to be.

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