Losing Control: Acne, Bad Hair Days, and Paleo F(X)


It’s funny how the harder you try to control something, the more out of control it becomes. It was true of my eating disorder, and I apparently haven’t completely learned my lesson, even in recovery. As you know from my … Continue reading

Leaps of Faith, Low Carb Conversations, and Almost Vegan Mostly Paleo Chocolate Chip Coconut Maple Bacon Macadamia Cookies


Hard to believe that this week is actually coming to a close. I’m sorry I had to miss a second week of Trigger HAPPY Thursdays, but if you happened to stop by the blog on Tuesday, you’ll know that I … Continue reading

Miss Skinny Genes on Slender Safari Podcast!

Slender Safari Podcast

Howdy, friends! I’m still coming at you from the other side of sunrise (at least as I write this), but without a Trigger HAPPY Thursday video in hand. I’m in the middle of several big projects–one of which I’ll be … Continue reading

Acne, Amenorrhea, and Natural Hormone Cures


FYI: Before we get into today’s post, please be aware that nothing I write here is meant to be mistaken for professional medical advice. I am just chronicling my own journey and providing resources so you can learn more about … Continue reading

Phytoestrogens Are Not a Duck: Low Estrogen, Thyroid Disruption, and Amenorrhea


After a few months of missed periods that could only be explained by my diet or else immaculate conception, I went to see an Ob/Gyn. He suggested several blood tests, and the results came back thusly: low estradiol and low … Continue reading