The Big Announcement: The Finding Our Hunger Podcast


There comes an inevitable earth-shattering, teeth-chattering, world-stopping, knock-your-socks-off moment when you decide to take the plunge and begin a journey that you know will be hard, when you decide to follow the detour into the dark woods without a map, when you sell your possessions, buy your ticket, and commit to hopping on the next train.

And so it is with this my announcement today:

I’ve started a podcast. 

The idea hit me months ago, while on a walk through the hills near my house with my dog. I use my walks as time to reach out to friends and family, and that day I happened to be on the phone with my friend Ito, who had just begun a blog at We were both at standing at the crossroads of our journeys, choosing between paths and mapping our next steps with only our thoughts, histories, and assumptions as our guides. Sharing our stories as we did felt surprisingly…cleansing. It felt right.

And so this un-podcast, this infant labor of love, was new-born out of the minds of two friends whose paths happened to converge at just the right moment.

Finding Our Hunger was born out of the realization that mapping our respective journeys became easier when we threw away the maps we had written for ourselves and instead took blind baby steps together, offering to help shoulder the load whenever our baggage threatened to weigh us down.

Finding Our Hunger is about UNtelling our stories–and yours–in order to grow stronger, healthier, and happier on this journey that we now take together.

Follow us weekly at as we UNpack our bags and begin finding our hUNger.

Stay hungry,


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