Triggering Happy on a Monday

I was going to put up a longer post today, but I think it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. I wanted to share a beautiful moment from this Monday morning:

If you can recall, a few Trigger HAPPY Thursdays ago,* I suggested that making eye contact with someone you pass each day on the street was a good way to trigger happy.

Turns out, I was totally right.

Today, one of the people I pass (and smile at, and lately have started saying hello to) while I scooter down the streets of San Francisco stopped me. And introduced himself. And handed me a flyer for his band.

Even better, on the back of the flyer, he had written me a note. Even better than that, he’d saved it, because he’d intended to give it to me on Friday (but I work from home so he didn’t see me).


It’s the coolest thing to have a complete stranger turn into an acquaintance–to turn a nod of acknowledgement into an introduction.

I don’t know anything about this person other than the brief pleasantries we exchanged on 2nd St. this morning. But it gave me a reason to smile. A little happiness trigger that I shared with him turned into a huge happiness trigger for me down the line.

So…HAPPY Monday, people. Sending you a smile from my corner of the internet.

Check in tomorrow for a real post AND Episode 006 of the Finding Our Hunger podcast!

Stay hungry (and keep triggering happy!),


*PS In case you were concerned by the lack of Trigger HAPPY Thursday last week, never fear: I’m going to experiment with doing them every other week, since my brain (and my solid state drive) need more space.

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