UN-Podcast 011: UNcompromising


[SOURCE] Hard to believe it’s been three years since I made the difficult decision to leave grad school and give up theatre as my career. It was a compromise I made in order to find and maintain my health and … Continue reading

Book Review: Paleo Fitness by Darryl Edwards, the Fitness Explorer


These days, it seems like anyone can just come up with a crazy, complex beat-your-body-into-submission or super-trendy-dance-inspired fitness protocol that takes an hour to do and even longer to explain. It’s a lot harder to come up with and communicate … Continue reading

Trigger HAPPY Thursday: Underachieve on Purpose


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Trigger HAPPY Thursday, because, as usual, life got in the way…and so I figured I’d use today’s video to address that very issue. (And if you’re not near a video-friendly place, here’s … Continue reading

UN-Podcast 010: UNStuck

It’s hard to get unstuck from bad habits, negative thought processes, and emotional triggers. Or, rather, it’s hard when you tell yourself it’s hard. I love the idea of becoming unstuck, of wrenching yourself free with the power of your … Continue reading

Good Reads for a Beautiful Friday


  [source] Howdy friends! It’s a beautiful Friday, and I just wanted to share some of that beauty with you–in the form of some great insights from other beautiful people. So, to get your weekend started off right: Have you lost … Continue reading

UN-Podcast 009: UNconditional


Hard to believe it, but we’re 9 episodes in. That’s a whole semester (for those of you out there who remember what it feels like to be in school!) Today’s podcast episode is really special–with Mother’s Day just having passed, … Continue reading

Kenahora, or The Biggest Threat to Mother’s Day


When I was 8 years old, I did something stupid. I said, out loud, “I’ve never broken a bone before.” Two weeks later, my dog veered to the right in the middle of an un-leashed race home from the end … Continue reading

Wednesday Interlude


Hard to believe it, but it’s already Wednesday. I know it’s sort of out-of-character to post three days in a row, but Monday was International No Diet Day, and I’m feeling like extending the “Day” into a whole “Week.” Therefore, … Continue reading