UN-Podcast 010: UNStuck


It’s hard to get unstuck from bad habits, negative thought processes, and emotional triggers.

Or, rather, it’s hard when you tell yourself it’s hard.

I love the idea of becoming unstuck, of wrenching yourself free with the power of your own desire–no, need to make a change because it’s the only way you can go on.

It seems like an impossible task, but then you hear someone like Stefani Ruper (of Paleo for Women, who I’ve often quoted here on the blog) talk, the paradigm shifts a little, and the task seems a little less insurmountable.

Go visit findingourhunger.com and listen to the latest episode for a little inspiration. (Or just download it from iTunes straight to your preferred listening device!)

Love you all and happy Tuesday,

Stay hungry,


PS you can learn more about Stefani at paleoforwomen.com or find her on twitter @paleoforwomen. She also has a great e-book, PCOS Unlocked, which I recommend to anyone looking to understand her body better. (Whether or not you have PCOS it is worth a read!)

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