(Mental) Fitness Friday: Taking Leaps


[SOURCE] I did it. With two injured ankles, and from the comfort of an easy chair at Starbucks, I took a leap. Not a box jump, a double-under, or even a lighthearted skip. It was an over-the-edge, no-turning-back, forgot-the-bungee-cord, free-falling-fast … Continue reading

UN-Podcast 015: UNlearning


Let me start by saying that I’ve been blessed to have grown up as the older sister of many awesome siblings. Having a big family and getting to not only be a role model but also watch my siblings grow … Continue reading

Fitness Friday: Heavy Lifting Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly


Today’s post comes from a place of…uncertainty. Doubt. Acceptance. I’m writing it because I am not above the very mindset about which I’m railing against. Because I’m not immune to marketing messages, and I’m a lifelong perfectionist. Because I still … Continue reading

Fitness Friday: How NOT to Exercise When You’re Injured

pain is a sign that something needs to be changed

Last month, Abel James, aka the Fat-Burning Man, wrote a really great blog post about using an injury to your fitness advantage. After hurting his shoulder doing Krav Maga, he was faced with the difficult decision: do I give into … Continue reading

UN-Podcast 013: UNintentional


[SOURCE] You guys. Please, if you do nothing else today, GO LISTEN TO THE FINDING OUR HUNGER PODCAST.  Seriously. Episode 013 is just. so. good. We talked with my friend Andrea Feucht of andreaworks.com, and it was just such a fantastically organic, … Continue reading

Still No Period (And What I’m Doing to Get it Back)


Believe it or not, last month was the one year anniversary of my last period. TMI? Maybe, but this is essential to my health journey, so if you want to hear how I’m working to heal acne, amenorrhea, weight gain, … Continue reading