(Mental) Fitness Friday: Taking Leaps



I did it.

With two injured ankles, and from the comfort of an easy chair at Starbucks, I took a leap.

Not a box jump, a double-under, or even a lighthearted skip.

It was an over-the-edge, no-turning-back, forgot-the-bungee-cord, free-falling-fast kind of leap.

When I started this blog a year ago to heal myself, it was a leap of faith.



When I started the Finding Our Hunger podcast with @ovrachievngliar to curate the stories of others who are healing themselves, it was a leap of faith.

Now, I’m ready for the next phase.

Helping to heal others.

It was a most difficult leap–am I doing the right thing? Is it worth the money? Will I be able to make a mission into a living?–but I took it anyway.

You’re looking at Miss Skinny Genes, Health Coach in Training.


Get ready, people, because we’re about to rock ED’s world.

Stay hungry,


2 thoughts on “(Mental) Fitness Friday: Taking Leaps

  1. I am SO very proud of you! I know we spoke of this, the financial cost, the opportunity cost and the return on investment (Kill me, my accountant lingo is OUT of control here)….but you made the choice with your heart and gut (even if it might be leaky) and I am proud. Proud to say, you my dear friend, inspire me.

    • Thank you so much! I’m scared to death–the financial investment is ridiculous…but I realized that the longer I sit and wait for things to happen, the less that actually WILL happen…

      Gotta just dig in and do the work…so that we can open up our coaching biz! 😀

      (And also! I found a functional med doc–so hopefully my gut won’t be leaky for much longer!)

      So much love to you, my dear! ❤

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