A Little Tuesday “Thought-spiration”

You don’t need to look like this:



To prove that you’re strong enough to do this:

hands-opening-pickle-jar[source] *

Yes. Yes, she can.


You don’t need to be able to do this:


To prove that you’re worthy of this:



You don’t have to sacrifice this:



To make time to do this:



I know that in this post-feminist age of the Superwoman we’re expected (read: we expect ourselves) to be able to be everything to everyone–not just the perfect girlfriend/wife/mother and CEO, but also fitness model, Crossfit star, and triathlete–but we don’t have to. No one says so.

Let’s let go of Superwoman. Just try it for a day. Your abs will survive. Your marathon time may not even waver. Give yourself a day to be you instead of the model on your Pinterest board.

It might even be fun.

And here’s some more “thought-spiration” on exercise addiction and body image, culled from around the blogosphere:

If you would prefer to be extremely lean, and it’s worth it to you to skip social events, get in bed by 9 pm every night, and train twice a day to get there, that’s fantastic.  Do it.  You are choosing aesthetics over lifestyle, and probably over performance and health, but if you want it, then do it. —Molly Galbraith: Is Being Lean Really Worth It? 

About 80% of the breakups I’ve initiated were related to how this relationship really gets in the way of my exercise schedule. —Katherine Schreiber: IHTM: I’m Literally Addicted to the Gym, and It’s Not Pretty

Truth is: No piece of fitness equipment can strengthen the parts of me I feel are too weak to be seen by society.–Katherine Schreiber: Passion or Problem? When Exercise Becomes an Addiction

…if I base my happiness say on my gratitude for the good health I get to have now, and on my relationships, and on my purpose and on all of the beaty and love in the world, then I can delight in the good stuff without anxiety and be happy.  Otherwise I’d just walk around worrying all of the time.  Someday it might all fall to pieces, and I have got to be okay with that happening.–Stefani Ruper: The Art of Non-Attached Pleasure: How Letting Go is the (or One) Key to Peaceful Progress and Maintenance

How are YOU letting go of Superwoman? 


Stay hungry,


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