UN-Podcast 017: UNPlanned



I’m convinced that the people who have come into my life since I began this crazy journey to recovery a year ago have a ridiculously fated quality.

For example, a year ago, while dealing with the aftermath of the ankle surgery and beginning my foray into un-veganism (i.e. this Paleo/ancestral health thing), I realized that I wasn’t helping anyone by sitting on my rear in my house, trying to figure me out. I wanted to give back, to heal not just my hurt but maybe offer something to soothe others’ pain.

And somehow, I found myself volunteering for the Eating Disorders Resource Center of Silicon Valley, under the expert administrative direction of one, Miss Kira Olson.

And it turns out that Kira is one of those fated connections who has touched my life–and the lives of many, many others–profoundly. While my volunteerism has been practiced in fits and starts, Kira has made it something of her life’s work. She is brilliant and dynamic, with a background in counseling addiction and eating disorders (as well as a more-than-working knowledge of exercise physiology and personal training), and, beyond that, she is a faithful friend in every sense of the word.

She’s certainly opened my eyes to a world that’s bigger than myself, which is something that not every addict (food or otherwise) can say, and I am so grateful to her for reaching out and offering her community to me.

Honestly, today’s podcast is just so terrifically uplifting… Kira is a beautiful soul, and I hope that you guys enjoy sharing that beauty with her on today’s podcast:

Go listen now!

I’m curious–for all of you listeners out there: what keeps you centered? What are your coping strategies for dealing with the uncertainty, the not-knowing how your actions (or inaction) today will affect the consequences (good or bad) of tomorrow? Are there any seeds you’ve sown that you’re not ready to reap? 

Stay hungry,


2 thoughts on “UN-Podcast 017: UNPlanned

  1. Heh. I didn’t get an eating disorder, I got a gut-centred auto-immune disease instead. Sublimation much? But let me comfort you with the knowledge that most of the “wrong” choices you make will not destroy your journey, just make it different. Try to relax that iron grip a little bit … whether it’s with faith in G-d, as your lovely guest articulates so well, or whatever else works to ease your fear of having to be completely self-sufficient in a big scary world … hugs!

    • I love that idea: there is not “wrong,” just “different.” It’s a concept that’s hard to remember when you’re in the thick of the worry, doubt, and feat, but it’s a good one to hold onto! Hugs back! 🙂

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