Fitness Friday: How to Exercise When You’re Injured: TRX Workout 2

I don’t have much to say today, other than: sitting all day sucks.

Even at my desk job, I can usually get up and move around (or use a standing desk, which I often do did) or take a walk. Man, do I miss my walks. Frida (my crazy chihuahua mix) and I would walk through the hills near my house for hours on the weekends–two-hour walks were not uncommon for us on days when my bum ankle decided to be not so…bum.

But with the broken leg, I’ve been on my butt for the majority of each 24 hours I get, and I have to say: I hate it. More than lifting weights, more than doing cardio, more than yoga…I miss walking.

As my ankle strengthens (and the flare up in my other ankle [hopefully] cools down), I’m going to get back to walking. It’s not “exercise” in the box-gym sense of the term, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever found for clearing my head and keeping my body feeling good.

All of that said…I know how much not being able to exercise period sucks, so I’m making it easy for you to do so with this series of YouTube videos. So here’s today’s “Fitness Friday:” How to exercise when you’re injured. Even with a broken leg (as long as your doctor or healthcare practitioner says it’s okay!), you can do this upper body circuit. All you need is a TRX (so head to a gym if you’re without one!)


TRX Upper Body Circuit:

Repeat 2x for beginner/intermediate or 3x for intermediate/advanced

12x Push Ups

12x Inverted Rows

12x High Pull R

12 x High Pull L

12x Pull Up

What I love about the TRX for injury is that you control how hard the exercise is. So you can keep the weight off of your foot, and, if you’re deconditioned like me, you can change the angle of your body to reduce the load. Even with the pull up, you can keep one leg on the ground to make it easier (and if you bend the knee, it’s even easier) or your can lift your full body weight. It’s up to you.

Anywho, if you missed the shoulder workout from last week, go check it out. And then let me know if you do the workout. (PS you can even do it WITHOUT an injury. Win-win for everyone!)

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and a happy weekend,

Stay hungry,


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