UN-Podcast 019: UNtimed



I’ve said it before, but I think it bears repeating (again and again, since it seems to surprise me every time): our paths are inexplicably intertwined with the paths of those who need to be a part of our lives.

It seemed to be a theme of Paleo F(X), where every person at that event seemed to become a part of my journey in some way or another.

One such fellow traveler is Madelyn Moon, of Moon Fitness. We met at the panel on transformation, realizing that we had found kindred souls in one another in terms of our history with fitness and body image in the world of figure competitions.

Madelyn is in the middle of her own transformation as we speak–a different transformation. One that doesn’t necessarily involve competing on a stage (although the future may hold that kind of transformation for her again someday), but a transformation from student to health coach. In fact, it was Madelyn who convinced me to take the final leap and do my own health coaching certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

There’s something really beautiful about the spectrum of ways we can become coaches. For me, I intend to focus on helping men and women leave behind the transformation mindset–but I realize that, while I retired my 5 inch heels before they ever graced the NPC stage, not everyone wants to leave it behind.

Madelyn’s approach to health coaching involves helping women who still want to transform their bodies–for competition or for fitness. Her desire, however, is not to simply coach people toward a certain body fat percentage and call it a day. Madelyn wants to help others avoid the compulsive, claustrophobic diet mentality that plagues many of today’s figure competitors. From her own experience, Madelyn intends to meet people where they’re at and guide them to a place where they can reach their goals without sacrificing their happiness.

I’m excited for her–she’s at the very beginning of a brand new journey, and I can’t wait to see where it takes her.

You can learn more about Madelyn and her approach to diet, fitness, and lifestyle at moonfitness.net, follow her @moonfitness on twitter or instagram, or like her at facebook.com/moonfitness.

Go listen to the podcast now!


Since we’re all on different journeys, how many of you out there are still looking to find ways to transform your bodies for fitness or competition? What are your motivating factors for wanting to lift heavier or achieve a certain aesthetic for competition purposes? 

Stay hungry,


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