UN-Podcast 024: UNstrung


So stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles.
Instead, climb more mountains, eat more ice cream, go barefoot more often, swim more rivers, watch more sunsets,laugh more, cry less. 

Life must be lived as we go along.
The s
tation will come soon enough. 

-The Station, Robert Hastings

There is a certain kind of person in this world whom you hope to always be seated next to at a dinner party. The kind of person whose stories captivate and who always asks the other dinner guests the right questions. The kind of person whose own experiences leads them to a genuine interest in the experience of others–and who likes to sneak out of the party early to go make new experiences.

I met Billy Abel by accident at PaleoFX. We had passed one another a few times during the convention, but it wasn’t until we got paired up at the MovNat workshop–and had to introduce ourselves while rolling around like children in the grass–that we had the chance to speak. And I felt an instant connection.

Billy has lived a thousand lifetimes in a few short years. On the podcast, I joked that he’s the kind of person you want to take with you when you travel, not just because he’ll make a fantastic companion, but also because he’ll be the one piloting the plane. But in a way, it’s no joke–Billy’s journey has been winding and full of detours and peaks and valleys, but one thing is for certain: he’s not afraid to travel. (And he really does know how to fly a plane!)

Whatever the journey–mental, physical, you name it–Billy is great at taking the first step–and the next step, and the next. I can’t tell you how how much I loved hearing Billy share his story on today’s podcast. His perspective is best summarized by the poem he shared on the show: Robert Hasting’s The Station.

Billy is the podcast’s “life of the party,” and this is one episode you don’t want to miss:

Go listen now!


Stay hungry,


PS Billy, I still owe you a trip for ice cream. (And this time, let’s try not to get kidnapped.)

PPS If you want to get in touch with Billy (or order the CD), head over to billyabel.com or connect with him on facebook.

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