UN-Podcast 025: UNtraveled

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I’m going to blame Jimmy Moore for today’s podcast, because, without him, it would have been a long time until I would have been introduced to today’s incredible guest. (I have no doubt, however, that our paths would have crossed eventually, but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to virtually meet him when I did!)

In January of this year, Todd Dosenberry, aka Primal Toad, and I had the honor of being the “guest friends” on Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends, and since that day, I’ve been following along as Todd puts out some very well-written, well-thought out, and amazingly balanced content on his blog and social media.

One of the things I like about Todd is his mindset around food and nutrition. For many people, food is about punishment and reward, fear or comfort, nutrition or indulgence. For many people, there’s a nutritional philosophy that hold them back from enjoying a meal or an athletic or aesthetic goal that keeps them counting calories or avoiding the family dinner table. Todd’s posts on what nutrition is really all about are often controversial and always enlightening, and I really appreciate that he’s willing to put his perspective out into the world.

I’m glad that we had the chance to speak with him before his impending travel plans whisk him off to sunny Hawaii for a much needed break from the Midwestern winters. You can connect with him and follow along as he starts the next leg of his life’s journey by visiting primaltoad.com.

Keep on living that un-bucket list, Todd!

Go listen now!


Stay hungry,


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