UN-Podcast 028: UNimprovised


Let’s talk about “Yes And.”

If you’ve ever done any theatre (or been stuck in a drama class with a mean ol’ drama teacher like me), then you’ve been forced to play improv games. At the very least, you may be familiar with the art of improvisation from a TV show like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Improv is the art of making up a story in the moment based on a few given parameters and maybe some general rules that govern the world of the game. What happens once you start the scene is up to you and your partners–and the only way to keep the scene going is to respond to every twist in the story, no matter how crazy, with the phrase, “yes, and.”

“Yes, and” gives you the opportunity to build upon what is happening in the scene. “No” gives neither you nor your fellow actors room to play. “Yes, and” lets you be an active participant in crafting the forward motion that will bring you to the scene’s conclusion, even if it’s not the original ending you wanted to bring about. “No” brings the scene to a screeching halt.

Now, what does this have to do with identity, body image, or any of this nonsense we talk about on the Finding Our Hunger podcast?

Well, I’d like you to take a moment and think of your life as a giant game of improv. You may not always like the rules or the given circumstances. You don’t always get to choose your acting partners. And sometimes, the scene doesn’t go the way you expect.

When life throws you a curveball, and your expectations are thwarted, you are given the opportunity to say “no” or to say “yes, and.” Will you bring the scene to a screeching halt and turn down every opportunity you have to find a new conclusion–even if it’s not exactly the one you wanted–or will you agree to the new terms and start looking for ways to be an active participant in making decisions about how you move forward?

On today’s podcast, our amazing, insightful guest, Kate Flanagan, NYC-based actress and director, reminds us that we have no choice but to keep moving. Whether or not we want to be actively involved in making the decisions about how we move forward is up to us.

I really hope you listen to today’s podcast. It’s unconventional, full of really great takeaways, and it might just get you thinking about where you can start applying “yes, and” in your own life.

Go Listen Now!


Stay hungry,


PS Once you’ve listened, let us know how YOU are going to say “yes, and” this week by  leaving a comment on the Finding Our Hunger Facebook page!

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