Friday Reading: Stop Counting to Make Paleo Count

Happy Friday!

So, I’ve been receiving a lot of communication from all of you out there in the blogosphere regarding feeling out of control about counting, tracking, and logging “health goals.” While the blogs, podcasts, and books make it seem like you can only achieve some “perfect body/perfect health” (and the promised happiness that it will bring)  through big data and self-quantification, I beg to differ…so I wrote an article about it.

Go read: Stop Counting to Make Paleo Count


Also! My blogging partner Jennifer Mulder over at the Health Sessions has posted her recap to the One Month Tune-Up. Her takeaways are really great–go give it a read!

Aaaaaaand finally: Finding Our Hunger podcast guest Kevin Geary has just released a really great action guide for those of you out there who are finding yourselves struggling with food triggers. I love how Kevin takes a no-nonsense approach to disordered eating* by diving into the logic and the psychology of why we hold ourselves back from making peace with food. You can get the guide here.

Stay hungry,


*Many members of Kevin’s audience are looking to lose weight or optimize exercise. While I believe that his message can be used by  disordered eaters at both ends of the spectrum, if you’re dealing with anorexia/orthorexia, please be aware of potential triggers.

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