Is Paleo a Restrictive Diet?

There’s a fine, fine line between a diet and a lifestyle—and often, those lines get blurred when you’re a disordered eater. So why, then, do I advocate a Paleo-style template? Well, you’ll just have to read to find out:

Is Paleo a Restrictive Diet?

at Paleo Movement Online


4 thoughts on “Is Paleo a Restrictive Diet?

  1. Well, given that you still struggle so much with binging or overeating, I’d say that Paleo is too restrictive FOR YOU. The fact that you think you emotionally overeat vegetables is not even slightly healthy. I tried to ‘recover’ while still avoiding so many food groups.

    Paleo is also not founded in logic or science.

    Check it out. Look, I am a recovered anorexic as well. I get it. But until I could let go of insane food rules that get in the way of normal socialization (read, eating what others around me are eating), I really was not recovered. I also wound up a lot healthier eating grains, due to the beneficial effect of their fermentation on digestion.

    Obviously there are people who eat Paleo who don’t have eating disorders. That doesn’t mean that you can or that Paleo is your ‘cure.’ From what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like it is.

    • Hi Ann,

      I totally appreciate your opinion. I know that I’m still dealing with my own food rules–part of why I write these articles and run my own blog is to work out the issues I’m going through and to give myself the advice I wish I had gotten. I’m a work in progress, but I think many of my compulsive eating issues have more to do with some non-food related emotional and stress issues, as well as some health issues left over from years of nutritional deficiency.

      I believe that the Paleo template is one that works for me, and I definitely am not wanting for good food to eat. Because of this template (because it’s not a diet), I feel like I have the freedom to make good nutritional choices without having to fall into my old calorie counting, food limiting patterns.

    • Oh–and also, I don’t think it’s a “cure.” There’s no one diet that “cures” an eating disorder. It just gives me the tools to support myself nutritionally while I deal with the surrounding issues in my own life that helped and/ continues to trigger the ED in the first place.

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