Un-Podcast 035: UNcooked (Michelle Norris)



If I’ve learned nothing else in the past year and a half of this journey to health, I’ve at least learned this:

  1. You cannot change the world by yourself.
  2. You cannot change yourself by yourself.

For 13 years, I foolishly tried to change my body, change my health, and control the world around me by isolating myself. I kept friends at arm’s length. I turned down relationships. I made all of the decisions based on the truths I thought that I alone possessed.

For 13 years, I focused obsessively on the narcissistic goal of manipulating my body to change the way the world viewed me, instead of trying to help change the world. And in that time, the only impact that I left was an imprint on my own body and health.

One of the reasons I am now so passionate about this blog, the Finding Our Hunger podcast, and becoming a health coach is because I have realized that healing is not a process we are meant to do alone—and that our journeys can’t be made in solitude.

Last March, that became even more apparent when I traveled alone to Paleo F(X) in Austin, TX, and left with an incredible group of friends who continue to inspire me to be my best self, and to use that “best self” to inspire others to do the same.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to record this week’s podcast with one of the cofounders of this incredibly symposium, Michelle Norris.

Michelle is a huge inspiration to me, because she truly believes that we can change ourselves—and the world—with real food. She has invested so much of herself in building a community and a safe space for those of us who no longer want to define ourselves by pain, sickness, and suffering—and those of us who want cures and prevention, not medicines to cover the symptoms.

Moreover, Michelle has had a difficult journey herself, but she’s used her personal losses to help fuel her desire to inspire change in the many lives that she and her husband Keith Norris have touched already—and the many lives they have yet to touch.

I can’t wait for you to listen to today’s episode of Finding Our Hunger. Even if you’re not “Paleo,” you will find inspiration—as I know that both Ito and I did.

Go Listen Now!


Will any of you be going to Paleo F(X) in April of 2014? I’ll most certainly be there, and I hope that we can connect in person!

Stay hungry,


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