The Only Secret You Really Need To Know About Holiday Weight Gain

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Thought Catalog

I just searched Google for the words “holiday weight gain” in the news.

In 0.17 seconds, Google returned about 30,400 results. This isn’t just “evergreen content”—I’m talking about stuff that’s being written right now about holiday weight gain.


What does this tell us?

1. That if you’re looking to boost your page in the search rankings, you’re going to need a less competitive keyword?


2. That if you’re on the internet at all this holiday season you’re most likely going to run across another stupid blog post about the “7 ways to avoid holiday weight gain,” “why holiday weight gain isn’t inevitable,” and “why exercise may not stave off holiday weight gain,” et. al.

Here’s a quick Christmas story for you:

Once upon a time, when I was naive young lass, if you said the word “holiday” to me, I immediately thought of presents and decorations and time off…

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