UN-Podcast 036: UNembraced (Emily Jean)


I don’t know why, but I just felt like this photo sums up today’s podcast perfectly…



How do you strengthen the muscles for embracing yourself?

I think the problem with acceptance is that we often feel resigned to our “fate,” as if whatever we have to accept we do so only grudgingly and because we have no other, better choice.

When we “accept” our arm flab or our cellulite or whatever buzz word we’re supposed to not like about ourselves but have to deal with having anyway, we concede that it’s part of our identity, but not because we want it to be. It’s just the cross we have to bear, and we should be commended for being so willing to bear it.

But what if you could truly embrace the buzz-word-y parts of our body, not because we have to or because we even have a name for the thing we’re embracing, but because we’re so damn grateful that we even have a body to embrace?

I feel like part of the problem is that it’s tragedy, injury, or a detour in life that forces us to stop looking at our bodies as canvases that must be painted and begrudgingly accept that we may not have all of the paints to pull off the colors we were hoping for. But what if we could spontaneously just embrace the fact that the colors we have are enough, even while working to live the best damn painting we could? (And sorry for the lack of eloquence in expressing this thought…Mixing metaphors, much like mixing paint, is often fraught with muddy colors…)

Today’s podcast guest, Emily Jean, a fellow IIN Holistic Health Coach, just wrote an awesome post about acceptance over at her blog, Your EVOLved Life. I think this is an area that we really need to dive into more deeply—and I think today’s podcast really gets the conversation going.

So how exactly DO you embrace a life of acceptance—without regretting the past or anticipating the future? How do you make peace with your body, stop fearing food, and stop comparing your life to others’? You’ll have to head over to Finding Our Hunger to hear Emily’s thoughts:

Go Listen Now!


Stay hungry,


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