‘Twas the Morning of Christmas (A Holiday Poem for the Exercise Addict)


[image source] ’Twas the morning of Christmas, though the children were sleeping,  I was Yelp!-ing like crazy, while silently weeping.  The stockings were filled with presents so dear,  Yet all that I searched for were “gyms that are near.”  At … Continue reading

Your Body is Not a Calorie Counter (and Other Podcast-y Thoughts)


I know I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but I had to share this with you. Recently, I was on the Rebooted Body podcast, which is hosted by Finding Our Hunger podcast guest Kevin Geary. It was, quite honestly, one … Continue reading

Fitness Friday: How to Exercise When You’re Injured: HIIT Dip Bar Workout


Well, I’m back on the West Coast, and I realized that it’s been a hella* long time since the last “How to Exercise When You’re Injured” post, SO…time for another exciting workout that you can do, whether you’re injured or … Continue reading

(Mental) Fitness Friday: Taking Leaps


[SOURCE] I did it. With two injured ankles, and from the comfort of an easy chair at Starbucks, I took a leap. Not a box jump, a double-under, or even a lighthearted skip. It was an over-the-edge, no-turning-back, forgot-the-bungee-cord, free-falling-fast … Continue reading

Fitness Friday: Heavy Lifting Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly


Today’s post comes from a place of…uncertainty. Doubt. Acceptance. I’m writing it because I am not above the very mindset about which I’m railing against. Because I’m not immune to marketing messages, and I’m a lifelong perfectionist. Because I still … Continue reading

Fitness Friday: How NOT to Exercise When You’re Injured

pain is a sign that something needs to be changed

Last month, Abel James, aka the Fat-Burning Man, wrote a really great blog post about using an injury to your fitness advantage. After hurting his shoulder doing Krav Maga, he was faced with the difficult decision: do I give into … Continue reading

Book Review: Paleo Fitness by Darryl Edwards, the Fitness Explorer


These days, it seems like anyone can just come up with a crazy, complex beat-your-body-into-submission or super-trendy-dance-inspired fitness protocol that takes an hour to do and even longer to explain. It’s a lot harder to come up with and communicate … Continue reading