Fitness Friday: Heavy Lifting Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly


Today’s post comes from a place of…uncertainty. Doubt. Acceptance. I’m writing it because I am not above the very mindset about which I’m railing against. Because I’m not immune to marketing messages, and I’m a lifelong perfectionist. Because I still … Continue reading

UN-Podcast 013: UNintentional


[SOURCE] You guys. Please, if you do nothing else today, GO LISTEN TO THE FINDING OUR HUNGER PODCAST.  Seriously. Episode 013 is just. so. good. We talked with my friend Andrea Feucht of, and it was just such a fantastically organic, … Continue reading

Car-Struck, or How Respecting My Body Saved My Life


In late 2009, at the height of my “clean eating”-induced anorexia/exercise bulimia, I was told I had osteopenia. That means that my bones were thinning and on the brink of osteoporosis. From late 2009 until May of last year, I … Continue reading

Kenahora, or The Biggest Threat to Mother’s Day


When I was 8 years old, I did something stupid. I said, out loud, “I’ve never broken a bone before.” Two weeks later, my dog veered to the right in the middle of an un-leashed race home from the end … Continue reading

Why I’m Angry, or Everybody Has an Eating Disorder


In case you were wondering, today is International No Diet Day.  Warning: triggers ahead.  I am so angry. I am so angry, and sick to my stomach. I’m sick and tired of ED. I’m sick and tired of disordered eating … Continue reading

Marketing Messages and the Ugly Truth(?)


Before you read today’s post, go download Finding Our Hunger Un-Podcast Episode 006: UN-Lived and leave us a review in  iTunes! I’ve been having difficulty sitting down to write this post, probably because my day job involves sitting down to … Continue reading

Thoughts on Disordered Eating


What I’m about to write is no doubt going to be somewhat controversial. Which is why, of course, I’m hesitant to write it. But, frankly, I think it’s something that needs to be said–and something that we have to drag, … Continue reading

Finding Freedom at Paleo F(X) 2013


Disclaimer: I wrote this post on the airplane home, coming down off of the adrenaline rush of spending some of the best four days of my life with incredible people and after not sleeping for 24 hours straight…I’ll be back … Continue reading