Friday Reading: Stop Counting to Make Paleo Count


Happy Friday! So, I’ve been receiving a lot of communication from all of you out there in the blogosphere regarding feeling out of control about counting, tracking, and logging “health goals.” While the blogs, podcasts, and books make it seem … Continue reading

Is It Paleo Perfectionism or Orthorexia?


Happy Friday, y’all! Just wanted to stop by and share what I consider one of the most important articles I’ve ever published on the topic of healthy eating: Is It Paleo Perfectionism or Orthorexia?   Also, I apologize to those … Continue reading

Paleo Movement Online: 4 Ways to Start the Paleo Conversation Without Becoming a Bacon Evangelist

bacon opinion someecard

Just wanted to quickly stop by the blog before the long weekend to share some exciting news:

Today, my opinion piece was published on the Paleo Movement Online!

Go check it out!

(I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!)

Stay hungry,


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