Disgust, Body Shame, and Fitspiration: Why We Care About Maria Kang


TL;DR: Fitspiration sucks. Stop fat-shaming/fit-shaming yourself and others, kthx.  Strong is the New…? I just want to take a brief interlude and ask a question, because it’s something that’s been weighing on me pretty heavily. How many of you out … Continue reading

UN-Podcast 027: UNaired


[source] I’ve been thinking a lot about the issue of “appearance” vs. “reality” lately. All of the women I’ve met along this journey who have struggled with eating disorders, exercise addiction, body image issues and the like are all incredibly … Continue reading

Self-Love and Sex: How to Stop Dating ED


This blog post is part of the Week of Self-Love hosted by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt of annesophie.us. I’ve been thinking a lot about sex and love lately. (Yeah, okay, let’s all be grownups here please…) I’ve written before about how my … Continue reading

Trigger HAPPY Thursday: Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted


I do have to warn you: today’s Trigger HAPPY Thursday may contain some triggers. If you aren’t ready for this, that’s okay. Just come back when you’re ready to have it out with the ED in your head.  Today’s happiness … Continue reading

A Letter to My Sisters in the Midst of Their Quarter-Life Crises


Dear Sisters, Here you are. Rock bottom. The almost-or-just-past-quarter-life crisis. The Millennial angst, the thwarted expectations of the American dream. You don’t own a house. You lease a car. You owe more to your school than you education was worth. … Continue reading

UN-Podcast 010: UNStuck

It’s hard to get unstuck from bad habits, negative thought processes, and emotional triggers. Or, rather, it’s hard when you tell yourself it’s hard. I love the idea of becoming unstuck, of wrenching yourself free with the power of your … Continue reading

Losing Control: Acne, Bad Hair Days, and Paleo F(X)


It’s funny how the harder you try to control something, the more out of control it becomes. It was true of my eating disorder, and I apparently haven’t completely learned my lesson, even in recovery. As you know from my … Continue reading

The Civilized Caveman

I only have a couple of links to share with you today, but I think they’re important ones.

I love reposting Stefani Ruper’s words here, because she is so insightful, and offers some useable tips for “hacking” your ED. Today is no different. Here’s a link to her last week’s “Get Indignant.”

I also wanted to share with you an amazing post by a man named George Bryant. For those of you who are not familiar with the “Paleosphere,” George, aka the Civilized Caveman, is a Marine who fell into the Paleo diet and now hosts a blog full of amazing “cooking creations.”

George recently came out about his struggles with Bulimia on Abel James’ Fat Burning Man podcast, and followed it up on Stefani Ruper’s Live. Love. Eat. podcast. He then posted this blog about it. I highly encourage every one of you out there to go and read it. George is a force for good in this world–his earnestness and honesty is astounding, and his willingness to share his story is seriously special.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you on this rainy Friday morning.

– K.


[EDIT:  Just realized that today is Thursday. Apparently my brain was ready for the weekend.]